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When to use much vs many? sofistike ne demek tdk. much and many both mean large amounts. we use muchwith singular nouns. countable nouns have a singular and a plural form. " we typically underappreciated this sense because we may not appreciate that we' re using it as much in our daily function, " he said.

am turk porno. use much if the noun is non- countable ( e. , oranges, children). which is more several or many? we have much time to visit america. several” is used to mean more than “ some” but less than “ many. see full list on ecenglish.

despite their meaning, how they are used in sentences comes down to noun they modify. in plural, these nouns can be used with a number ( that' s why they are called ' countable nouns' ). often, these words are used with the preposition of. what' s the difference between much and many?

- much, more, many. “ alicia’ s grandmother knitted several pairs of socks for her for christmas. ulaşım portalı. - example: we have been to america, many years ago.

" negative clause: " we don' t have much time left. we usually use a lot of or lots of in positive sentences. • many precedes countable nouns: we have many friends, in many countries. important: • much precedes uncountable nouns: i don' t have much time, and you don' t have much money. there' s lots of information on this website. the word ‘ much’ is used to denote something which is in ‘ plenty of’, or ‘ large in amount’. do you get much homework? we use manywith plural nouns question: " how many people were at the meeting? we can use much and many to talk about quantities.

i' ve got a lot of games. " it' s not until it' s lost that much many we. both mean a large amount. we use them with much many countable and uncountable nouns. a lot of is a little more formal sounding than lots of. in connection with much / many people often speak of countable nouns and uncountable nouns. there aren' t many shops in my town. learn how to know when to use much or many, and how to avoid grammar traps. ” again, there is no exact number.

the dictionary says it means more than a few but not a great number. more is slightly different from both much and many. - while much is used with the singular uncountable noun, many are used with plural countable nouns. pull bear ne demek. because there' s many people in this study who have this genetic variability.

i don' t have a lot of time, and you don' t have a lot of money. ” it might not be the greatest christmas gift, but at least alicia has socks again. for example: i don’ t have much money. use many if the noun is countable ( e. much and many suggest a large quantity: ' a lot of'. - many more & much more. · she does much for the family – means she does a lot of things, whereas, ‘ she does too much for the family’ means she. " negative clause: " not many of the students understood the lesson. how much vs how many? countable / uncountable nouns.

- too many and too much. as against, many refer to numerous or something which is ‘ large in number’. they own many houses. question: " how much petrol is in the car? a lot of people were at the party.

we can also use a lot of or lots of.

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