Powered by oxford dictionaries. the term really gained populari. “ ganja, ” like “ weed” or “ pot, ” is a general term. more definitions, origin and scrabble points. this can include growers, dispensary owners, cannabis educators, or any other cannabis- related business owners. book your hotel in ganja online.

cannabis was used as a remedy for phlegm overproduction and diarrhea from the third to eighth centuries bce and later used in indian folk medicine as an aphrodisiac and pain killer. buying large quantities of product has never been easier. ganja ganja - thc - weed - cannabis - marijuana. free cancellation · free cancellation · read real guest reviews. ne verirsen elinle o gelir seninle. the word ganja written in graffiti. ganj: a shortened, slang term for “ ganja” one academic source places the date of introduction. ganja is one of the oldest and most commonly used synonyms for marijuana in the english language. indian swamis have had a deep relationship with ganja.

connect directly with our network of vetted sellers and verified buyers. see full list on weedmaps. origin: the word ganja actually comes from the word ganges, referring to the ganges river, which is a river in india where cannabis indica grew naturally. ganja refers to the flowers/ buds/ nugs of the plant, and there are other hindi terms to refer to the sugar leaves, seeds, and stalks. com will save you time with industry expertise and exceptional customer service.

some notable pop culture references to ganja include: 1. its usage in english dates to before 1689. for those who didn' t know. the term ganja, one of the oldest and most commonly- used synonyms for marijuana in the english language, dates to before 1689. what does ganja mean in graffiti? marijuana: " we were smoking ganja every day". aydoğan cevahir. ganja the term “ ganja” has sparked other terms in cannabis culture, including: ganjapreneur: an entrepreneur whose business centers around cannabis in areas where the plant has been legalized. ganja is a hindi word for hemp, derived from the word ganjha, from the sanskrit gañjā, referring to a " powerful preparation of cannabis sativa". ganja has become a popular term in the cannabis world — and, as a result, has made its mark on the pop culture lexicon with multiple references in films and music,, reggae music out of jamaica in particular. why sell with ganja?

ganja is borrowed from hindi gāñjā ( ipa: [ ɡaːɲd͡ ʒaː] ), a name for cannabis, which is derived from sanskrit gañjā, referring to a “ powerful preparation from cannabis sativa ”. what is the origin of ganja? the word was used in europe as early as 1856, when the british enacted a tax on the “ ganja” trade. cannabis indica was brought to the west indies, and is therefore referred to as ganga. “ ganja of love”, released in 1995 by jefferson starship ( “ come, come, o' brothers and. " while swiming in the ganges river, i came across some ganja, so i smoked it.

scrabble points: 13. hıristiyanlar oruç tutar mı. no reservation costs. word origin early 19th century: from hindi gāṁjā. what is the synonym of ganja? the meaning of ganja is a potent and selected preparation of marijuana used especially for smoking; broadly : marijuana. ganja is borrowed from hindi gāñjā, a name for cannabis, which is derived from sanskrit gañjā, referring to a “ powerful preparation from cannabis sativa ”. com take the stress out of selling online. in sanskrit, ganja is the term for female cannabis flowers that are unfertilized.

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