Parliament aqua blue

1 cartons = 10 box = 200 cigarettes. 09 price is per 1 carton one carton = 10 packs one pack = 20 cigarettes add to cart category: parliament cigarettes description additional information for all lovers of delicate, light and exciting flavors the world famous manufacturer of tobacco products produced another kind of cigarettes – parliament aqua blue. besides coming from a reputable brand, parliament aqua blue: its filters are designed to provide the best flavor with negligible tar quantities. these cigarettes provide a sense of pride to consumers who like feeling like the elites. guaranteed money back in 30 days return. 40 per 1 carton parliament aqua blue ( lights) disclaimer: actual design and health warnings may differ from the photos on the website depending on the country where the product is manufactured.

finest tobacco especial filters 6 mg of tar and 0. of cartons price. 6 mg nicotine 8 mg tar level cigarette type king size filters cigarette carton 10 packs = 200 cigarettes minimum 3 cartons quant. quick view add to cart. the delicate and light flavor of parliament aqua blue cigarettes is specially designed for smokers who are well- versed in tobacco and know how to appreciate the true soul of smoking. cigarette ingredients. 4 mg of nicotine. 10 day returns in case u change your mind.

parliament aqua blue $ 54. parliament carat sku: pcc45047. minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit. free shipping apply to all orders over $ 100. these cigarettes have the perfect balance between the strength of cigarettes and a very mild flavor. write a review on this product. mehmet aktürk. kroki ne demek. parliament aqua blue sku: pab03365.

00 out of 5 $ 67. it is one of the many types of parliament aqua blue parliament cigarettes by phillip morris. nicotine volume: 0. ( the package must not have been opened) parliament night blue. number of cigarettes: 200. number of packs: 10.

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