Gaspar noe

He directed i stand alone, irréversible, enter the void, love, climax, carne, lux æterna, sodomites and vortex. in fact, noé' s films. captioned “ brain. his films are known for having a sensory overload style, most notably in enter the void. gaspar noé is an argentine filmmaker and screenwriter who lives at france. he is the son of argentine painter, writer, and intellectual luis felipe noé. 1 influences 3 personal life 4 filmography 4.

he is the son of luis felipe noé, an gaspar noe argentine artist. gaspar noé ( buenos aires, 27 dicembre 1963) è un regista cinematografico, sceneggiatore, montatore, produttore cinematografico e direttore della fotografia argentino. he has directed seven feature films: i stand alone ( 1998), irréversible ( ), enter the void ( ), love ( ), climax ( ), lux æterna ( ), and vortex ( ). though he directed only a handful of movies, filmmaker gaspar noé achieved maximum impact by creating some of the more dark and disturbing films on either side of the atlantic. contents 1 early life 2 artistry 2. gaspar noe vianney le caer/ invision/ ap on the same day that gaspar noé premiered his new movie “ vortex” at the cannes film festival, he posted an alarming image on instagram.

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